Christian Science is an enigma to the critics, and will...

Edinburgh (Scot.) Scotsman

Christian Science is an enigma to the critics, and will continue to be an enigma, as long as they reject the explanation of the healing given by Mrs. Eddy, and insist that the cures are effected by suggestion. It is because they one and all start on this false assumption that they find the text-book, Science and Health, unintelligible. The fact is that the large majority, even among otherwise wellinformed people, are in almost complete ignorance of the nature of thought, and cannot distinguish between the true and the false; hence they confound the action of absolute Truth, the divine Mind, with the activity of the so-called human mind. According to the teachings of Christian Science, all the troubles of the world, sin, sickness, poverty, sorrow, are the outcome of inaccurate thinking, of an imperfect conception of the nature of the First Cause, Life, God, and of the relationship between God and man. In order to be delivered from the evil effects of inaccurate thinking, thought must be corrected, not by the substitution of one suggestion for another, but by the absolute truth. "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

The practice of Christian Science destroys mesmerism, or to speak more accurately, dispels it, as the truth revealed in mathematics dispels false impressions about the numbers; thus it will be seen that far from being the offspring or ally of mesmerism, Christian Science is its opponent. It no more follows because suggestion and Christian Science are both intangible and imponderable that they must be akin, than that gas must be abstract because it is invisible, a mistake which is frequently made by children when first asked to distinguish between the abstract and the concrete.

October 23, 1909

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