The Tennessee Coal & Iron Company will try to increase its economies in mining by treating with preservatives the timbers which are used in the mines. The Forest Service of the Government will cooperate with the company. The timbers will be treated with creosote, solutions of zinc chloride, and common salt. According to Andrew Carnegie, in his address at the recent convention of governors at the White House, there is a waste of more than half the coal in mining. Some of the waste is caused by the collapse of galleries due to the breakage from decay of the props used to support the gallery roofs. By preservative treatment the life of the mine prop is greatly lengthened, and a saving is effected in the outlay for timber, which is a constantly increasing item with the mining companies owing to the rise in timber prices.

Excavation on the Culebra cut on the Panama Canal is about half completed. A total of 47,045,426 cubic yards has been removed from the cut, while it is estimated that 39,652,822 cubic yards remain to be taken out. Of the amount already excavated 12,600,000 cubic yards was taken out by the old French company from 1881 to 1889, and 10,000,000 cubic yards was excavated by the new French company from 1895 to 1904. Since the American Government took charge of the canal work 18,445,426 cubic yards has been removed. If the present rate of excavation is maintained, the cut will be completed in about three and a half years.

August 1, 1908

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