Our Governor has been saying some rather plain...

The Watchman

Our Governor has been saying some rather plain things to some of our Christian brethren. His Excellency was invited to attend a banquet and reception at one of the most prominent churches and was asked to "give his views on religion," which he did. "I think the trouble with the churches to-day and the reason that no more people go to church lies with the people, and not with the ministers. I have not a great deal of the religion that people know about, but I deal a great deal with church people and see a good deal of them. If I could believe and think as you profess, I think life would be a continuous pleasure. You do not have to worry over rainy days. If you believe as you profess, that the worries of life are but temporal, you have no reason to go about disgruntled and dissatisfied. The question question is, Do you live the life you talk? Do you make people outside envy you in your religion? You should so live as to make every man, woman, and child wish they had it. But do you?"

February 15, 1908

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