Sweet are the meditations of the heart when we perceive that God is indeed All-in-all, and when we realize that henceforth our every worthy thought must imply a recognition of this eternal fact. And after this manner do thoughts throng the secret places of the heart.

Has God a way for me? Has infinite Love a path wherein He would have me walk? I know surely that He has, for it is written, "He will direct thy paths." To know this way must henceforth be my highest desire. Could I desire to walk one step in any other path? Could I hope to gain aught by walking in any other way than that prepared for me by an all-loving heavenly Father? Could the heart of man conceive of a better way, a way more fraught with blessings, than the way which God has for us? If a Mind that is infinite in its love, that it may plan the supremely good; infinite in its intelligence, that it may know the forever best; infinite in power, that it may establish and maintain eternally its sublime ideal—if this Mind have a way for me, shall I not choose it rather than a way of my own planning? Would I have my own way if I could? Would I be willing to have my fondest human hopes realized in preference to God's way? Ah, no. I would not be willing to go one step except it certainly be in God's way. Henceforth my chief concern shall be to know God's way and to walk securely in it.

September 28, 1907

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