We are asked by a correspondent to state the attitude of Christian Scientists toward the miracles of the Old and New Testaments, specifically whether they believe that Jesus walked the water or that Daniel was cast into the lions' den without harm to him; and as these questions appear to be asked in good faith, we see no reason why they should not be answered in the same spirit in which they are propounded.

In the first place, the attitude of Christian Scientists toward the Scriptures is well set forth by Mrs. Eddy on page 497 of Science and Health, in the "religious tenets of Christian Science," and especially in the first of these tenets, which reads as follows: "As adherents of Truth, we take the inspired Word of the Bible as our sufficient guide to eternal Life." Every Christian not only believes in the crucifixion of Jesus, but also in his resurrection and ascension, and on these manifestations of Divine power he builds his faith. To human sense they are the greatest miracles in the earthly career of the Master, and if they be not true what can we accept of the entire Gospel record as worthy of belief? Certainly Jesus' walking of the waves, and Daniel's immunity from harm in the lions' den, were no more at variance with so-called material laws than were the closing days of the Master's earthly experience.

June 8, 1907

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