I first heard of Christian Science in 1887, but only in...

I first heard of Christian Science in 1887, but only in terms of ridicule from those whom I supposed had thoroughly investigated it and so should be in a position to know much better than I whether it was beneficial or pernicious in its results. Not until 1895, after suffering through the intervening years from several severe troubles, with complications, did I at last find a staunch and true Christian Scientist. I had been sickly from childhood, and from my earliest recollection I was always wondering why Jesus healed diseases only during so limited a time, while we of to-day seemed to need help fully as much. I became a teacher, and wherever I happened to be teaching was always an active worker in some church. I had long desired to be a Christian, but was never able to become one after the accepted modes of orthodox churches. I was always looking for speical help in that direction from the many sermons to which I listened, and always was disappointed; until I finally became disheartened and remained away from church altogether.

In 1895, after a particularly trying year in school, mentally and physically, I went for my summer vacation to my sister's home in Harbor Springs, Mich., for a much-needed rest; but instead of resting I became more and more worn out, and on the day set for taking the steamer for Chicago to return to work, I found myself ill with what the physicians pronounced a fever which seemed to be epidemic. My patience with medicine was at an ends, as I had been taking it all my life and had still continued ill, so to the consternation of my mother, brothers, and sisters, I positively refused to call a physician or to take medicine of any kind. When the fever had run for ten days without abating, and I was not able to sleep night or day, an aunt who was visiting us, a student of Christian Science under Mrs. Eddy, and who had tried to interest us in this teaching, came into my room and asked if I would like to have her treat me. I did not believe in it, but not wishing to be ungracious, I gave her permission. During the treatment I fell asleep, and when I awoke the fever was gone and did not return. I did not seem to be able at the time to appreciate this wonderful fact, but thought that if I could now only find some medicine to strengthen me quickly I would be able to get back to school in time to retain my position, so I sent for a tonic and took it, not asking my aunt for further treatment. Needless to say I did not go back to school, but remained weak and able only to sit about the house for six months or more. My brother-in-law was attacked with the same fever, and the best physicians there were not able to break it inside of six weeks.

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