The Lesson of the Dove

It is already being conceded that Christian Scientists are perhaps of all denominations the most constant and devoted students of the Bible, and not only so, but they depend on Truth, or the Word of God, for their health and their deliverance from all forms of error. The question of healing is essentially a vital one, and an object of the deepest research, study, and profound meditation. The correlated study of the Bible and of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," unlocks a great storehouse of wisdom and love, heals sickness and sin, and uplifts and spiritualizes all human consciousness, so that "the world feels the alterative effect of truth through every pore" (Science and Health, p. 224).

It still remains, however, for the human mind to behold with interest and admiration the more complete unfoldment of this wonderful book, the Bible; to see that it is not a mere compilation of the historical narratives of a chosen people, which has been looked upon with a sort of blind fetish-worship; but that in the light of divine Science its spiritual meaning is now being revealed, so that we may understand the one Science—outside of which "all is unstable error" (Science and Health, p. 202). Christian Science is a system of spiritual philosophy which explains with impressive simplicity spiritual causation. Until its advent the whole world had been wrestling with illogical theories and false deductions, trying to reconcile material phenomena with a spiritual Cause. To-day a woman has arisen who, uniting the simplicity of a child with the acumen of a logician, has aroused the world to see that a spiritual cause must have a spiritual effect. Both science and philosophy insist that cause and effect must correspond, and in proportion as this simple yet profound statement is realized, is practised, and lived in Christian Science, the sick are healed, the sinner is reformed, and the kingdom of God appears on earth. This is the truth that makes free; it is the way of eternal life. This is the Logos, the Science which opens the door that no man can shut, through which all must enter into the realm of Spirit, Soul. A "little strength" is gained even in holding on to the letter of the Scriptures, some merit in not denying the name of Christ Jesus, as the angel says to the church at Philadelphia; but woe to those who enter not in at the open door of scientific demonstration, where mysticism and mystery vanish.

We often hear it said among Christian Scientists, how wonderful are our Lesson-Sermons; how they seem to be fitted to our every need—feeding us with the bread of heaven. But is this surprising,—are they not fulfilling the prophecy. "They shall be all taught of God"? Is not the Spirit of truth teaching the world through these lessons?

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A Loving Appeal
June 2, 1906

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