In April, 1902, I was healed in five Christian Science...

In April, 1902, I was healed in five Christian Science treatments of what had been variously diagnosed as chronic peritonitis, appendicitis, and enteritis, according to the locality of the physician, not of the disease, so far as I could judge. For nine years I was under the most rigid diet, at one time subsisting for thirteen months on nothing but sterilized milk, livings in every way a most restricted and careful life, yet subject to these severe attacks, and in such fear of them that I never went so far as across the street without opium or morphine and a hypodermic needle. For nineteen weeks I was in a rest-cure, preparatory to two major operations, which were performed at the end of that time, one of these being for the removal of the appendix, yet the attacks continued with the greatest regularity. Since receiving the help of Christian Science I have not experienced any of this trouble, have not dieted in the smallest degree, nor taken drugs.

I had been injured in a runaway and was bandaged for months, later wearing a jacket especially made for the purpose. Without actual treatment, I have been healed by Christian Science of this trouble as well as of insomnia, after months, reaching into years, of inability to sleep without chloral or some other stupefying drug. I think still, with the deepest gratitude, of the gentleness and the patience shown me during these years by my physicians, and of the loving care given me by my dear nurse through months of suffering,—but I was not cured, and added to the sufferings of the body were those of the mind; rebellious thoughts kept coming in when I saw so much in life to enjoy and was unable to appropriate it. In disappointment at the futile efforts of materia medica to make me well; discouragement at the failures of both will-power and stimulants to overcome that horrible fatigue, due not to exertion but to weakness and disease; and useless attempts to be resigned and uncomplaining, that I might not become unbearable to those around me,—from all these things divine Love has saved me.

Testimony of Healing
I have long felt it to be a duty I owe to God, to Mrs. Eddy,...
November 18, 1905

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