It is almost a year since Christian Science came to me,...

It is almost a year since Christian Science came to me, and I have been helped so much, and in so many ways, that I feel I must express at least something of my gratitude by a public acknowledgment of what Christian Science can do for one who seemed to be almost helpless. The Sunday before blaster, 1904, I had a fall which appeared to be the last straw, as it injured a limb on which I had had several operations performed, which would seem to help for a short time, but never permanently. After the fall, I was told by no doctor that it would probably he a great many months before I could walk even as well as I did before; that a had sprain was hard to heal in a knee which was perfectly sound, and that it would be worse where the knee had been stiff for almost twenty years.

About this time a lady, whom I did not know to be a Christian Scientist, came to our house, and I asked her if she could heal me. Her reply was that she could not, but that God could. She then explained what Christian Science teaches. In a little less than five weeks' treatment I could walk very comfortably with a cane, and in less than two months could walk as much as I pleased and could bend the knee almost as well as I could the other one. At the same time an old weakness of the eyes disappeared, so that I have not had to wear glasses since. To say that I am grateful for these blessings, and for the better understanding of the Bible which has come to me through the study of Science and Health, is not saying half that I feel. I know that the only way in which I can ever thank our dear Leader for giving us this glorious truth, is by living a pure and Christlike life.—

Testimony of Healing
In April, 1902, I was healed in five Christian Science...
November 18, 1905

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