My recent healing makes an acknowledgment of the same...

My recent healing makes an acknowledgment of the same a duty and a pleasure. Through this wondrous truth my life has been given new pinions, my physical diseases have been healed; and by my recent demonstrations, in taking up my work, which I had supposed must be permanently laid aside, I know that whatever I have of dominion or freedom I owe to this Science of Christianity.

For six years I had been in bondage to what different specialists called spasmodic, refreactory, and weak muscles of the eyes, and for which at last, after some experiment with other methods, an operation was declared to be necessary which involved much expense and much uncertainty. I could not read a half dozen lines without losing control of my nerves. I was miserably pondering over this problem, in fact I had done little else for several years, when, while accompanying a friend on a business trip in the country, I happened to meet a lady with whom I talked for a short time. I explained to her why it was frequently necessary for me to close my eyes, not wishing her to think I was wearied by the conversation. Our talk drifted to the subject of afflicted humanity, and she spoke to me of Christian Science. This lady strongly advised me to see a Christian Science practitioner, who, she said, would be glad to talk with me about my case. I procured a copy of the text-book, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures." from our library, but could not read it. A few days from that time I called upon the practitioner and enumerated my ills. She told me the surprising news that God is really All and that there is no other power. That God is All in all I had always been taught, but never before did I think that evil is left out entirely. Passages from the Bible and Science and Health were brought to bear upon the subject with such force and consistency that this religion seemed indeed beautiful to me. I went home with the words "God is All in all" ringing in my ears, and I wished it could be true. Household duties took my attention for several days and then I thought I would try to read, and when I thought to stop I had read a page. My eyes had not yet ached and I was in control of my nerves; so I continued and finished several pages. The next day, to my surprise, I found I could read just as well, so I decided to try without glasses. That did not stop my reading at all, so I went on and on, and in less than four days I dispensed with my glasses. I soon found that my eyes were well, and my work could be easily taken up again. The only difficulty I had after my first visit to the practitioner was a fear that the trouble might return. The falsity of mortal mind was, however, proven, for with sudden restoration of good eyesight I was enabled to use my eyes almost constantly,—something I had not been able to do for years.

Testimony of Healing
It is almost a year since Christian Science came to me,...
November 18, 1905

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