I first heard of Christian Science in 1887

I first heard of Christian Science in 1887. I had been an invalid for nearly twenty years, and had never known what health was. There was no limit to the doctors, water cures, hot springs, etc., that I tried, but they did not effect a cure, or even abate my suffering. My sickness was very distressing. The trouble that the medical world considered absolutely without remedy or cure, was instrantaneously healed by Christian Science. In my girlhood days I had lived with an uncle who was a physician, and everything that medical skill could do was done. The diseases which seemed most stubborn affected the stomach, heart, bowels, and spine, and I had nervous prostration. Most of my married life I had been a hopeless invalid. In the fall of 1887 I grew worse so rapidly that the physicians attending me were perplexed as to what more to do.

Surgery and medicine had failed. This was God's opportunity, and my husband sent for the only Christian Science practitioner in our city. I was convinced by her talk that there must be something that I did not have, but a fear that I would die without my tonics prevented my taking treatments then. The time came, however, when there was not one ray of light. The end of all my suffering seemed very near. The darkest night of my suffering had passed, and to every one's surprise I was still alive. There was no more delay in securing the Christian Science practitioner, and it gave some hope to the discouraged ones. When she came in and talked with us a short time, I understood the value of her words and believed I should be healed. I felt so relieved and uplifted by her visits, that I began to awaken to a new sense of life. The transformation was marvelous, for I was up and dressed in a few days. The peace, joy, and happiness I experienced words could not describe. I was healed in fifteen minutes of a trouble that physicians had worked to cure for nearly twenty years, and then had failed. The quick healing of this one ailment was sufficient! I believed that Christian Science was the truth that Jesus taught and practised, to free humanity. I was perfectly dazzled, as was Paul when the light came to him,—so sudden and glorious. I read my Bible to find what I had omitted seeing and understanding, but I could not find anything more than I had always seen. I asked the practitioner what she read to get this understanding, and she loaned me a copy of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy. I read all night, and the next day until it was time to return the book. I sent for a copy that same day, and I need not say that this book revealed to me clearly the true idea of God, for all who read it know this better than I can explain it. What beautiful sunshine I lived in, revealing a new earth and a new heaven. I never can forget it, nor do I wish to. This sudden emergence from darkness into light, from sickness to health in less than one week, seemed miraculous. I was perfectly healed in three weeks. I had been a strong Calvinist, and on account of my religious belief had refused to investigate Christian Science until every other help had failed. This new teaching, as it seemed then, was so beautiful and comprehensible that I was sure my church friends would be glad to have me tell them all about it,—they could see for themselves I was a new creature, that "old things had passed away;" but they did not want to talk about it, and I was forced to keep all of this good to myself and family. When this truth had freed me from the many illusions of sense, the call came to demonstrate for others its power to make free. I wish I could tell of all the good that Christian Science has brought to me and my family, and the hundreds of cases that I know have been healed. My prayer is that I may be found worthy to be called a Christian Scientist.

November 18, 1905

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