I came to Christian Science through great suffering

I came to Christian Science through great suffering. I had what the doctor called an attack of sciatica, which he said was the most severe case that had come to him; and he was recommended as one of the best doctors for rheumatism. I took medicine for about a year as regularly as I took my food, and thought I was helped. At that time I believed he would cure me, if I could do just what he said. He told me not to do any work, or lift anything heavy, as I was in dread of those severe attacks.

I then went to my home in New Brunswick, thinking the change would help me, but I had another attack so severe that I could not lie in bed, but on a comforter on the floor. I could not bear to be moved, the pain was so intense, and everything seemed to annoy me and cause me to suffer. At this time I was treated by our family doctor, and he told my brother that he could help but could not cure me, He said if he could cure rheumatism he would be a millionaire. When I was able I returned to Boston, went back to my doctor, and was treated for some time.

Testimony of Healing
I feel that it is time for me to make some acknowledgment...
August 6, 1904

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