From Blackburn, Okla

The Field will be interested to learn that the leaven of truth is working among the people of Blackburn. When we came to Blackburn three years ago there was but one Science and Health here. The lady who owned it said she could not understand it. However, she told me she had only read to page thirty. I asked her if she wished to sell the book. She said she did. I paid her full price for it and have loaned it to those wishing to read it, so that it has done a great amount of good. All those who read it found that they wanted a little book of their own, and now there are six copies in and around the little town. Some of us meet each Sunday to go over the lessons. We know there is on opposition and so it does not appear to us. There are many here that say they believe but are still wearing the vail. (2 Corinthians, 3:15.) There are three orthodox churches under construction in this place; we have given of our substance to help build them and there is a kind, brotherly feeling with us, proving that charity is the best of all. No evil can stand before it. I am thankful for every loving friend who has helped me to know the truth, and as a reward for their labors I am striving and daily praying to know only that which is true. I owe Mrs. Eddy a debt which only love can repay. Four years ago I first read that wonderful book, Science and Health, and I was healed through the renewing of my mind. I know that words can never pay her, but loving and living the Christ-truth can. We are thankful for the Sentinel and Journal, they are such a help no one can afford to be without them.

Mrs. Kate Roach, Blackburn, Okla.

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June 18, 1904

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