Ten Years After

Ten years ago I was a rank infidel, and had been one for twenty years. Ten years ago I was a slave to sickness and medicine, and had been one for twenty years. Ten years ago the Bible was for me a book full of contradictions and absurdities. After having been laid aside for many years this book has been given back to me by Christian Science, and it has become my best friend. Read in the light of this truth, it has become to me a new book, full of the love of God, rich in blessings, imparting a sweet sense of peace and hope. To the despondent it brings courage, to the weak it gives strength, to the sick in body and mind it brings the oil of gladness and the healing power of the Spirit. The sweet and gentle influence of infinite Love which pervades its sacred pages, has wrought in me a complete transformation, for whereas I was once an atheist, I am to-day a firm believer in the teachings of the Bible as interpreted in our text-book, Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy. The things of the world in which I once found great delight have become insipid and repellent. The evils in which the "old man" used to take pleasure, are now abhorred by the "newman" and he who once was a diseased and puny mortal, wrestling continually with sickness, pains, and aches, has been so transformed by Christian Science that during the past ten years he has enjoyed health and happiness which had never before been his. He has been able to eat, and enjoy every one of the many articles of food which the physicians had forbidden and the stomach had rejected. Doctors and medicines have been to him as nonentities during these ten years, for he has had absolutely no need of either.

Who but one who has experienced all that I experienced can understand how I love the Science which has made me free and given me an ever-present God instead of a Deity so far away that He could neither hear nor heal. Christian Science has given me a God who sends no evil and no disease upon His children, and who needs not the help of death to give them eternal life. This Science has opened the prison door, has freed me from bondage and brought me "into the glorious liberty of the children of God."

"Ask, and ye shall receive"
May 14, 1904

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