A Little Story

Our little daughter has an old sewing machine on which she loves to sew by the hour, for you must know that her dollie needs plenty of clothes. Not long ago, while making a little garment, the doll's mamma happened in some way to get one finger under the "foot" of the needle-bar while she was running the machine at high speed. Well, the machine has been broken ever since, but the finger is all right,—now. It was badly crushed, but by the prompt denial of pain, the dear little woman was saved from suffering. That evening she got into her bed and tried to go to sleep; but this was difficult because of a sense of pain, and she began to cry. Her parents were sitting by the table reading when they heard their little girl sigh as if in pain. Mamma took the lamp and went to her, and papa began at once to voice the truth. He was alone only two or three minutes, but during that time the first four of the following lines shaped themselves in his mind. They were in the treatment which stopped both pain and crying. The last four lines were added later,—

Love is ever present,Truth is always here;It heals the broken body,And wipes away the tear,It feeds the hungry children,And drives all eare away;It makes the darkness light,And gives us endless day.

If we Knew
March 5, 1904

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