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We see convincing evidences that the Christian Churches in this country are in the first stage of an evangelistic movement, which is likely to affect all denominations and to continue for several years. These evidences are found in newspaper discussions of religious problems, in news from the Churches, reports of sermons, and plans for aggressive work. Especially do we note the increasing purpose of individual Christians to reach their neighbors and friends with the effort to persuade them to declare themselves as disciples of Christ. The Presbyterian Church is probably taking the lead in this movement at the present time. But other denominations are falling into line. The Watchman notes many signs of aggressive effort among Baptists throughout the whole country. Methodist papers speak hopefully of the sense of longing among their Churches for deeper spiritual power to break through the indifference and world-liness of the life around them. Letters received by us breathe like aspirations and hope. This movement is not confined to any locality, does not put forward any particular doctrine, recognizes no one great leader. It is the quiet awakening of men and women to the value of Christian living, to the supreme importance of fellowship with God, to admiration of the character of Jesus Christ, as the revelation of the Father, to a growing desire to become like him and to persuade others to come into obedience to him. These indications summon every Christian to renewed prayer, to more faithful study of the Bible, and to keep open eyes to discover opportunities to win others to Christ.

The Congregationalist and Christian World.

February 5, 1903

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