Israel's Helper

The Bible is replete with incidents to which many events in the last century run parallel. The beautiful story of Moses has a new and peculiar interest when studied from the standpoint of comparison. The king of Egypt, actuated by "the elemental principle of all persecution—that of fear blended with envy," and a mistaken belief of doing right, sought to destroy God's chosen people, the children of Israel. Task-masters were placed over them. Burdens were imposed upon them beyond endurance. The chains of bondage were riveted tighter and tighter. Finally the edict was sent forth that their children should be cast into the Nile as soon as they were born.

About this time Moses was born. At first his mother thought she would hide him from the king's wrath, but learning that this could not be done, she made a small ark of the reeds that grew on the banks of the river, put the babe in the ark, and placed it upon the waters near the shore, leaving the babe's sister to watch what might become of it. Just as this frail bark and its occupant were about to be borne away from the shore and into the current, the king's daughter, a godly woman, came along, heard a faint cry, had the child delivered from danger, and when a nurse was needed to care for this babe, at its sister's suggestion, its own mother was chosen. Whether the king's daughter know that the nurse was the mother of the child, we cannot tell. If we are wise, however, we may observe that in this case, as in many others, God chose a woman to bring back to the world that which her father had sent away.

His Kingdom
February 5, 1903

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