The Spiritual Remedy

Some years ago a very frank admission was made by a prominent member of the medical profession, to the effect that too much time was devoted to the study of pathology and morbid conditions, and too little to the investigation of the "life-forces." In addition to this, he counselled his confrères to discover if possible the relation of food to the bodily economy, evidently with the belief that the "life-forces" were evolved from matter. About the same time another eminent physician, in a paper read before a medical congress, expressed his doubt that disease either possesses or manifests entity. He condemned severely the absence of really progressive methods in the profession, and said, "The only notable change from the old mythologies is a mere change of costume. The deities now invoked are represented not by brazen images and carvings in stone, but by chemic symbols and hypothetic equations. The modern fane is a laboratory, the later alter a dissecting table.... The contradictory and opposite qualities and alleged power of drugs used as remedies, are a constant stumblingblock to students of medicine. The properties ascribed to them to-day are the opposite of those with which the same substances stood accredited twenty years ago."

Long ago, one who was blind from his birth received sight through the spiritual ministry of Jesus of Nazareth. Many were the questions asked of this erstwhile blind man: "How were thine eyes opened?" "What did he to thee?" etc. He freely admitted his ignorance of the power which had wrought his deliverance, but he clung to the fact which must then have meant more to him than all else: "Whereas I was blind, now I see!"

A Letter to our Leader
December 19, 1903

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