I first heard favorably of Christian Science in April,...

I first heard favorably of Christian Science in April, 1896. At the time, I was in the employ of the Erie railroad as a station agent. I had always been a firm believer in the law of heredity, and supposed myself to be suffering under this law, my mother having passed away with consumption. Besides this, I was suffering from two physical injuries which I thought would remain with me as long as I lived. My right arm had been terribly wrenched in getting on a moving train, seven years before, and had become paralyzed up into the biceps muscle. I had consulted the best physicians and endured a great deal of suffering from this injury. I had recovered a partial use of hand and arm, but could not lift or carry any weight without causing myself great suffering. It was shrunken and remained cold all the time.

I also had an injury to my left eye of several years' standing, caused by a hot cinder being thrown into it from a locomotive. At the time of the accident, it gave me a terrible shock, and when removed by the family physician, left a scar. Two years the accident, the eye and nerver leading to it became much inflamed and I consulted the best eye specialist I could find. He said there was scarcely any sight left in the eye and that the suffering was caused by the continued strain upon it. A pair of glasses were prescribed to remove this trouble, and they were worn constantly up to the time I began treatment in Christian Science.

Testimony of Healing
I am indeed very happy to be able to give a testimony today...
December 19, 1903

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