I am indeed very happy to be able to give a testimony today...

I am indeed very happy to be able to give a testimony today after an accident which happened to me lately.

Returning home the other evening after visiting some relations who are Christian Scientists and with whom I had gone through the lesson, "Unreality," I took the tram, and on getting in, told the conductor where to let me off. On arriving there, I went to get out, but evidently too soon, for hardly had my foot touched the ground, before, in some unaccountable manner, I fell over, and slid at full length some feet along the paved foot path, without knowing how it happened. I heard the cries of the passengers, but my consciousness at that moment was so filled with the good thoughts I had learned in the lesson just before I started, that no suggestion of being hurt was present, and I did not even drop my book, Science and Health, which I had in my hand, Before the tram went on, I got up alone, feeling all right, and thankful to God for His care, and went home and passed a good night.

Testimony of Healing
In loving gratitude to God for Christian Science I send...
December 19, 1903

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