When I read the testimonies of my old friends, John Lloyd...

When I read the testimonies of my old friends, John Lloyd and Roy Goodwin, it brought back to me the memories that I had associated with their friendship and love. I was delighted and surprised at the wonderful revelations of their healing, because I knew them both as no other man knew them; having associated with Roy Goodwin in a business way and socially also for a good many years; knowing that his life had been spent in trying to do good for suffering humanity; feeling his heart-throbs for those who suffer and cannot complain; knowing his connection with the anarchist movement in Chicago with myself, and to think of the wonderful transformation from the state of mind we all were in, to one of tenderness and acquaintance with God. I was reminded how I made fun of him last spring when he told me he had taken up Christian Science, and then I thought how, in a few short months, I had been made acquainted with the same beautiful thought; with the same divine Principle, whence all power comes. I was reminded how I was transformed from a man believing in no God and despising the Bible, to one who firmly believes that God is All-in-all. Having seen wealth accumulating in the hands of the few and the poor growing poorer; having seen the suffering of the masses; knowing that poverty and crime were increasing on every hand, my natural desire was and is to change this condition. I have had a great desire to do something for my brother man for many years and have gone through all the phases of organizations, believing at one time that the only way to change this condition was to remove the cause, and that was, the rich. I believed that force was the only way to eradicate the wrong.

When I came to Fort Wayne, Ind., on the 6th of January, 1902, I was suffering from a skin cancer on my face; I had been treated by three of the leading surgeons of the country for nine months with no results, and had been told that the cancer would kill me as soon as it got to the jugular vein. I reached the point where I was much worried. The picture of death had been painted in my mind. I could not eat or sleep. In fact, I was in a frightful condition. I stopped at the home of Mrs. B., at the Rich Hotel. The next morning after I arrived the lady noticed my condition, and asked me if I would like to be cured. Of course, I said yes. She told me that I could be. She told me of her own demonstration, and invited me to the Christian Science meeting on the following Wednesday evening, and I attended.

Testimony of Healing
A few months ago, I wrote a little article for the Sentinel
May 15, 1902

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