There comes to our table this morning from a New York house a pamphlet of ninety-six pages, with various pictorial illustrations on the above subject, and a request that we forward five dollars and obtain a course of instruction which will enable us to hypnotize everybody and make them do exactly what we want. The pamphlet states that ten thousand persons are now taking this five-dollar course of instruction. How many of these ten thousand are scoundrels no mention is made, but most probably among them will be found gamblers, thieves, and worse criminals, all of whom will be constantly trying their power on men, women, and children; and the result is quite likely to be seductions, robberies, kidnappings, murders, and perhaps premature burials of persons not dead.

In the early history of New England this dangerous art would doubtless have been considered to be the work of the devil, and those who practised it would have been promptly hung.

The Lectures
May 15, 1902

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