When Christian Science was first presented to me,...

When Christian Science was first presented to me, I studied it as a doctrine, and thought it a very beautiful theory, but not at all practicable. However, I was interested and continued studying and then gradually the glorious Truth dawned upon me, that God is Love, that He is divine Principle. Every day am I becoming more and more grateful for having this Principle for a guide, for having a rule by which to live. More and more every day am I being shown how practical this wonderful gospel is, and how practical we have to make it.

In my profession of public school teacher, I find Science invaluable. Four o'clock used to find me tired out and often discouraged. Now those conditions are almost unknown. By realizing every day that divine Mind governs all, that those children are not to obey me but to obey Divine law, the great question of discipline is being solved. Many cases of obstinacy and self-will have been overcome through the power of Truth. It is very beautiful to see how some days, everything will fall into line and one duty after another be performed easily and joyously. Besides we laugh a great deal more than we did formerly.

Testimony of Healing
About two years ago my little daughter was accidentally...
May 15, 1902

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