What a Wicked World!

Our daily papers are teeming with the miseries and sins of humanity. Murders and suicides; robberies and cruelties; war, poverty, and famine. So the cry goes out, "What a Wicked World!"

Man's inhumanity seemingly reigns supreme. Our courts are filled to overflowing with criminal cases and divorce suits. Our ministers are complaining of empty pews and lack of spirituality of members of the churches. Sin seems so real, on every hand that we are prone to exclaim, "What a wicked world!" Why is this? Surely God does not ordain it so to be. This earth was formed for man, but God created no sin. So the world is reaping the fruits sowed by mortal man. The world is just what mankind makes it. Then the question comes, "How can this state of affairs be changed?" The remedy is at hand and it will eventually do the work. The philosophy of Christian Science comes to the rescue. Were the teachings of this Science understood and followed universally, what a change! We could no longer say, "What a wicked world!" We want more of the Christ Principle, Truth, and less phariseeism, more understanding of this divine Principle and less selfishness. We want but one God; and love for each other.

Idol Worship
April 19, 1900

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