Christian Science Testimony

Dayton (O.) Evening Press

Editor Press:—One commendable characteristic of the Founder of Christianity, Jesus Christ, was the authoritative manner in which he spoke. We as Christian Scientists believe that he understood what he was talking about, and that his prophecies will be fulfilled. We give to every one the right to interpret his sayings according to their own light, and would say of no one that he is "a hopeless dupe or a rascally impostor" because he interprets the Scriptures differently from us and believes the Bible is true and that he has a right to expect the promises to be fulfilled. A mathematician may make a statement that a novice does not understand, but who would condemn the science of mathematics because a child has failed to demonstrate all the rules? The child rejoices that he is able to prove a part of the principle and he knows that a better understanding of the principle will .solve all problems. So in Christian Science, when every individual gains a better understanding of God, there will be a fulfilment of the promises of our Master, but at present we are very grateful for what we have been able to accomplish with our little understanding. The Christian Scientist does not want to argue for argument's sake, but prefers to present facts, as requested in your editorial of March 13.

We agree with our editor that "the educated world demands concrete results," and we are pleased to furnish a few of the many instances of healing in Christian Science. These are not instances that occurred in some far-away country or in some dark corner, but here in Dayton and vicinity. These individuals are willing to make affidavit as to their healing. On application their names and addresses will be given if you desire to call on them personally.

Personal Experience in Christian Science.
April 19, 1900

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