From the Prisons

From many parts of the Field we hear of a good work being done in the jails and penitentiaries. We have from time to time published reports of this line of work. We have also published a number of letters from persons confined in the jails and prisons, some of which have been most interesting and touching. Therein we have read of natures transformed by the light of divine Love which has penetrated the thick walls of the prison, and shed its regenerating rays into the darkness of the prison cells.

Men and women who, according to the world's estimate, are criminals, and who, indeed, were self-condemned as such, have been suddenly awakened to the fact that in the reality of their being they are not abandoned and hopeless children of Satan, but children of God, whom they found to be a loving Father, rather than a Monarch, whom they must approach with fear and distrust, lest in His anger He spurn their petitions for mercy, and cast them forever from His presence.

Semi-annual Lecture
April 19, 1900

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