Disease—its Cause and Cure

Grand Rapids (Mich.) Herald

Some means and methods for the healing of the sick have been practised among men in all the ages. The healing art has engaged the attention of the profoundest thinkers and scholars of every generation in all the rounds of time. Thousands of books have been written and schools in plentiful number have been established throughout the realms of civilization, and every means known to the skill and genius of man have been employed to elucidate the art, and to educate and qualify the healing practitioner for the successful treatment and destruction of disease. The mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdoms have been vainly explored for means to overcome disease and to stay its destroying work among the children of men.

Whatever may be said as to the success that may have been attained in treating some forms of disease it will scarcely be denied that the phases which this evil assumes are continually on the increase. Who can say that death is not now more sudden and inexplicable than at any former period? Scanning the history of the past and present who can discover from the standpoint of material modes any promise or sing of the extinction of the dread disturber? What hope along the old material lines is offered to mankind? The sick and suffering multitudes in this city to-day and in every quarter of the globe deny with unanswerable accent the claim that disease is under the control of medical skill. A search among those who have passed the noon-hour of human life will disclose the fact that disease in some phase or form is still the rule and not the exception. Many among the sin-sick and weary await with some measure of hope the glad coming of the Christly method of Jesus and his disciples which healed both sin and disease.

The Lectures
March 8, 1900

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