The Joy of Work in Christian Science

The keynote of Christian Science is joy. Jesus said to the sick of the palsy, "Son, be of good cheer." The first effect of Christian Science on us is to cheer us up; we feel an irresistible inclination to look on the bright side of things; things do not look so hard as they did, and at last we find that our faith, our understanding, does make us whole.

Thinking of how hard things are never helps, but on the contrary is the very circumstance that makes it impossible to accomplish what we would and should; whereas every one knows by experience that looking on the bright side has helped us to overcome seemingly insurmountable difficulties. And here is where Christian Science is of such great assistance, because it shows us that there is in reality only one side to every question, and that is the bright side, because God is Light and He is everywhere, and how then can there be a dark side? How can there be shadow when Light is all about us? So in healing disease, ailments which seemed so difficult, so impossible to cure, which impressed us so forcibly with their seeming reality, vanish into nothingness before the joyful realization that there is only the one side, that man is perfect because he is the child of God. Every achievement that seems difficult to human sense at once becomes easier when we learn that Jesus' words, "My yoke is easy, and my burden is light," are proven true in Christian Science, which has come to take away the hard yoke of men and put in place an easy one, and to remove the heavy burden from men's shoulders and substitute a light one.

Christian Science Healing
February 22, 1900

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