The Science of Christianity

He that would to a proper sense attainIn Knowledge, of the very rudimentsOf this Great Science, must his Cross upliftAnd bear it meekly in his daily life,Following in the footsteps of his LordAnd Master Jesus Christ, the Way-Shower.As Christians verily in deeds, and notIn words alone, this Comprehensive Truth,That God is the Great Principle in whichMan lives and moves and has his being—weMust realize.

The very air we breatheIs redolent of God's Own Presence, whichTo those who love Him is the breath of Life.The Sun's bright rays which shine upon the pathWe daily tread in passing through this worldOf Mortal strife, in which our aim should beThe working out our own Salvation fromThe claims of Sin and Death—these same bright raysAre mere reflections of that glorious LightWhich radiates from One All-seeing Mind,All-wise, All-loving, and Eternal God,The Life, Truth, Spirit, and Intelligence,The Great I AM, which rules the Universe.

Questions and Answers
October 26, 1899

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