Defence of Christian Science

Cincinnati Commercial Tribune

To the Editor of the Commercial Tribune:— Will you kindly allow space through your columns to make mention of some mistakes, as it would clearly seem, that appeared in the recent trial of those persons known as Christian Scientists, who were arrested for the so-called illegal practice of healing the sick in our midst, the correction of which might possibly result in quite another termination and verdict? The charge is the violation of the Mosgrove bill, that has for its object, ostensibly, the protection of the community and state at large against healers of the sick by quackery, fraud, ignorance, or otherwise, by those unlicensed or unqualified who use material aids or other agencies. It is not intended here to give the specific letter, but, as I understand it, this is the substance of the statute. The Mosgrove bill aims at the healer, and deals directly with those who profess to heal the sick by any agency whatever who do not conform to the prescribed methods of the State Medical Board. This bill, then, includes all schools of allopathy, homoeopathy, hydropathy, electricity, eclectic, osteopathy, hypnotism, mesmerism, massage, all applications of liniments, salves, glycerin, all applications of water, cold or hot, all bandages and every other known appliance, local or foreign, that is employed to bring case to disease. This Mosgrove bill may send out its searchlight upon every conceivable school of healing and upon individual efforts, and bring under its ban the non-conformist; but, according to my judgment, neither in its letter nor spirit nor in its most subtle essence can it touch the Christian Scientist.

We plead guilty to the fact that a vast amount of healing has been and is now being accomplished; that almost every known disease has been met and mastered. In a million of cases given up by all other schools as incurable, Christian Science has been able to score a glorious triumph. But the Christian Scientist is not the healer in any sense implied by that term. I disclaim it. To call a Scientist a healer is a misnomer. It is wholly a mistake.

A Distinction
October 26, 1899

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