Spirituality and women's rights

Ethel Baker, C.S.B.

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March in the United States is Women’s History Month, and it has been classified that way for almost 25 years. Many countries celebrate International Women’s Day as well. In this chat, Ethel responds to questions from men and women about how to overcome stereotyped roles in the family, business, and society in general. A major theme that runs through the chat is “identity”—how to gain a clearer sense of your identity, whether you are a man or a woman, how to see yourself as God’s idea instead of as someone defined as someone’s “mother” or “sister” or “daughter.” The chat also includes a discussion of some of the health conditions that specifically affect women. Throughout the chat, the examples of Mary Baker Eddy and Christ Jesus help to show that the spiritual concepts they taught are a sure guide for present-day needs.

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