Prayer about cancer

Michelle Nanouche, C.S.

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“Healing is going on today, just as it was in Jesus’ time, in King David’s time, in Moses’ time,” declared Michelle Nanouche during this live chat.  She pointed toward specific examples from the Bible and also the Christian Science promise that divine Love is able to heal any sickness.  During the chat, she responded to many questions about cancer and how to find healing.  Some site visitors struggling with the disease asked for guidance on prayer; others wanted to know how to help family members who were dealing with it.

Fear was a major concern, and Michelle gave some examples from her own life about addressing it. Site visitors also asked about the theory that heredity plays a role in the likelihood of getting the disease, how to persevere when healing comes slowly, the burden of feeling cancer is incurable, and how to be certain one is really healed. Emphasizing that we can’t have any weak spots where disease can come in—because we’re spiritual and under God’s care—Michelle noted that “healing is really about awakening to what God is knowing about His creation, what God is doing for His creation, creating us perfect, whole, spiritual, complete, and without a flaw.”

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