Silencing shame and guilt

Live audio chat with Joni Overton-Jung, C.S.B.

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Joni opens this chat by linking in some healing comments in response to the Boston Marathon bombings. She says, “This assault will never achieve what the perpetrators think that it should, but it will compel us on a deeper level to understand that our thoughts and prayers can and will melt down any sense of a power of evil—through the power of God, omnipotent Love. The need to silence shame and guilt is never a retreat from, or a justification, or a superficial denial, of evil. It’s a divine demand to understand who we really are—what God has made us to be. This demand is really a promise of transformation, innocence, redemption.”

Joni answers questions on a variety of topics connected to feelings of shame and guilt, including how to pray for victims of abuse and oppression; healing guilt that has lingered over past mistakes; feeling like a bad spouse; frustration over not finding physical healing; and many more.

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