Parents, kids, and daily prayer

Live audio chat with Rich Evans, C.S.B. and Blythe Evans, C.S.

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In this chat, Blythe and Rich Evans share how they've prayed for their family that includes ten children over the years. Basic to their prayers is the fact that God is the divine Parent of them, their children, and everyone. Another important focal point in their parenting is recognizing the all-power of divine Love and the complete powerlessness of fear. They found that this removes a sense of personal ego and hierarchy from the home, and brings to the home harmony and unity under God's loving governance.

They answered questions such as: How can I encourage my grown son to be productive? How do I pray about the bad influences that seem to come from my child's friends? How can I feel my child is safe after another child in my neighborhood was murdered? If I call a Christian Science practitioner to pray for my child, what is my role then? What do I do if I think a child is being abused? How do I share my love of God and Christian Science with my children?

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