Putting an end to racism

Sarah Hyatt, C.S.B.

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In her opening comments, Sarah makes the point that our true origin is in God, and that God is the only originator of all that is. There’s no mention in God’s creation of there being races. Even an examination of the human genome hasn’t provided an explanation of race. “The more I’ve thought about God as being the origin of all things, the easier I’ve found it to find a good starting place for my prayers about all kinds of topics, but I think it’s particularly relevant as we talk about how to pray about racism,” says Sarah.

During this fast-paced chat, site visitors asked about racial profiling, fear of people who belong to another race, the value of being childlike, and how to deal with friends or family who are biased. Sarah responded to these and other questions, giving examples from her own experience. In answering another question, she clarified the difference between being racist in one’s attitude toward others and expressing intelligence, not bias, in hiring employees, for example. Site visitors also shared some of their own thoughts about racism and how to address it from a spiritual standpoint.

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