Being the you God made you to be

Live audio chat with Susan Booth Mack Snipes, C.S.B.

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In this chat, Susan tells the questioners about their unique place in the infinite individuality of God's universe. She says, “You are God's Hallelujah. " Instead of originating in matter, she explains that God is the source of our identity, so our identity must include the wonderful qualities of God. If we're not seeing these qualities in ourselves, than we need to get to know God better and our relationship to Him. In that way, we can experience the freedom, joy, talent, and satisfaction that come from our unique spiritual identity.

Susan answers questions such as: What would you say are the most common mental arguments that need to be faced down as we go about being who God made us to be? What would you say to someone who is having difficulty choosing an area of study? How do I listen to God's direction for my life? Could you share some thoughts about evangelizing our human selfhood to express more of our perfect identity? How do I pray when I am out looking for work and wondering why I am idle and I'm not needed? What advice would you give to someone who has made many wrong decisions in the past and is just discovering what God had made her to be, but feels it could be too late to accomplish the goals God had intended for her?

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