Is the world coming to an end?

Live audio chat with Anne Melville, C.S.B.

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Anne begins this chat by acknowledging a number of reasons why some may fear the world is coming to an end. She goes on to explain that Christian Science gives us all great hope, by showing us we can look beyond whatever is aggressively confronting us and look to what God is seeing and knowing about His creation. This means seeing the world as an eternal spiritual idea of God, without beginning or end. She says, “The world is an idea of God that can’t be endangered or corrupted. This helps me to understand that all that is coming to an end is evil, suffering, anything not created by God, good. But everything good is eternal, including this beautiful world because God created it.”

Anne responds to questions about interpreting the book of Revelation in the Bible and biblical prophecies of an apocalypse, Mary Baker Eddy’s spiritual interpretation of the apocalypse, how we can see more of the spiritual universe, or “kingdom of heaven,” made manifest in our lives, how we can pray to help humanity and take care of our planet, and how we can be more certain of the effectiveness of prayer and the ultimate power of good in the face of evil.

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