Injured fingers healed quickly

I have had many healings in Christian Science. The earliest one I remember took place when I was in grade school. My parents did not attend any church, but two neighbor ladies, sisters, offered to take my two siblings and me to Sunday School at their Christian Science church. For about two years, we often went with them. 

On one occasion, after church we were all getting into the car for the trip home when someone slammed the door on my fingers. I remember crying out in pain and briefly seeing my injured fingers. The sisters began praying right away, I’m sure, and I knew from the lessons I’d been learning in the Sunday School that God heals everything. Very quickly one of the sisters wrapped my hand in a handkerchief, and the other sister offered to take my siblings with her to get ice cream cones for all of us. I was encouraged not to look at my hand but to turn my thought to God. I knew God was Love and that I could trust Him, so I was able to do that and quietly stayed in the car with one sister while the others went for the cones. They soon returned, and we all enjoyed the treat. 

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Spiritual nudging
June 16, 2014

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