'Love makes all burdens light'

There is a cute anecdote about a little boy who was carrying his older sister piggyback style. He was asked, “Isn’t she heavy?” His answer was “No, she’s my sister.” How well this indicates the power of love to lighten our burdens.

There appear to be all kinds of burdens we have to cope with. The burden might be financial—a house value that has been turned upside down in the real estate crisis of the past several years. It might be caring for elderly parents while being responsible for one’s own children at the same time. Perhaps it’s an unyielding physical condition, or political unrest might be threatening an individual’s home and family. Whatever the burden, leaning on divine Love, God, offers not only relief, but freedom. Mary Baker Eddy wrote in one of her letters, “In the midst of depressing care and labor I turn constantly to divine Love for guidance, and find rest. It affords me great joy to be able to attest to the truth of Jesus’ words. Love makes all burdens light, it giveth a peace that passeth understanding, and with ‘signs following’ ” (Miscellaneous Writings 1883–1896, p. 133).

Appreciation not depreciation
June 16, 2014

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