Toward the end of February I began to realize what an extraordinary theme of “God with you” had been running through your issues since the New Year. A highly subjective insight, I realize, but I have been so in awe and so grateful. I wanted to thank you then, and here it is another month before I am looking at this note to you. The delay has been propitious, though, in that the inspiration has been with me while I’ve come successfully through some deep water.

An interestingly timed keynote to your progression of articles and testimonies—particularly the testimonies—was in Kim Shippey’s introduction to the January 10 issue [“Spiritual progress and healing”]: “With a deepening conviction that God informs our steps, progress is inevitable, and this enables us to overcome resistance to our efforts and to bring harmony and healing.” 

You can be free of allergies
May 9, 2011

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