Healed of allergic reaction to cats

I have been a student of Christian Science since my mother took me to Sunday School when I was seven years old. I have gratefully had many, many healings over the years, most of which happened very quickly. Some of them, however, including the healing of an allergic reaction to cats, took several years. But the awakening in my thought did come—to God’s unfailing Love that could not allow me or anyone to suffer from something He did not and could not make, and that it was natural for me to be able to love all His ideas freely.

My family never had cats, so I was delighted one day at a party, when I was a small girl, to find a kitten. I loved playing with it but soon found my eyes were puffy and my hands were itching uncontrollably. After I left the party, the condition slowly went away. I never thought about it again until many years later after I was married. 

My husband was a devout cat lover and said we absolutely had to have one. It sounded good to me, so we adopted an adorable male tabby. After bringing the cat home, I immediately showed signs of uncomfortable itching and other symptoms, and remembering what had happened as a little girl, I knew I now needed to prayerfully address this situation.

Testimony of Healing
Quick healing of seasonal allergy symptoms
May 9, 2011

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