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Toward the end of February I began to realize what an extraordinary theme of “God with you” had been running through your issues since the New Year.

You can be free of allergies

For anyone who may be struggling with allergic reactions, this issue of the Sentinel is full of healing! As you’ll see, many people have proved that prayer is powerful and can bring not just relief but full freedom.
Items of Interest
This year marks the 400th anniversary of the King James Version of the Bible, and it’s worth remembering how that timeless translation has had such power to transmit the idea of self-government—first in America’s founding, and still today.
Items of Interest
Starting on March 11, the day the earthquake and tsunami devastated the Tohoku Region of Japan, the Soka Gakkai Buddhist Association, which has a large grassroots network of members and local community centers throughout the country, created emergency task forces at its headquarters in Tokyo and throughout the affected region.
Items of Interest
At least 140 airports around the world have designated chapels, and more than 250 have airport chaplains, according to the International Association of Civil Aviation Chaplains, an ecumenical nonprofit organization.
Sentinel Watch
Real spiritual and scientific progress means not merely making matter lighter, faster, and smaller, but reducing it to nothing.
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson
Our awakening to immortality is inevitable. 
I knew that my life had changed virtually in the wink of an eye. It was a journey I was ready, willing, and prepared to embrace.

Prayer in church

Several members of the church I attend had a very interesting discussion about this By-Law, so I decided to dig in and find out more. 

God’s mothering of all

Mother's Day is about recognizing divine Love's infinite motherhood.
In the News–A Spiritual Perspective
Praying for more light or Truth each day helps all humanity experience more of God’s harmonious kingdom.

A healing solution to allergies

Christian Science shines the light of compassion on this issue of vulnerability to one's environment.
Question of the Week

How have you prayed to address allergies?

When I first began my study of Christian Science, I was suffering from a condition called eczema, a skin allergy.

Healed of hay fever

Summer vacation with the family becomes an opportunity for prayer.
Your Daily Lift

In all seasons

Some of us live in climates with a dramatic change of seasons—these extraordinary shifts from winter to spring, then summer to fall.

Freed from a seafood allergy

Avoiding crabmeat for the rest of her life wasn't an option anymore.
This writer finds freedom after years of living with allergy symptoms.
I have heard a story about a tree     Onetree with leaves that heal    tree bearing the fruit of Israeltree that is eternal      tree that is purely spiritual            tree in the beginningtree at the ending     OneHow can the world tell me there are two?
To encourage attendance, I made sure everyone in
 Sunday School knew about the meeting, and I organized a dinner at a pizza restaurant beforehand for the youth at our church.
Read about how God can take away any fear.
There was no other guide than God.
Testimony of Healing
I have been a student of Christian Science since my mother took me to Sunday School when I was seven years old.
Testimony of Healing
In April 2010, we were having a particularly beautiful spring where I live in the Midwest.
Testimony of Healing
In December 2007 after suffering with a severe case of influenza, I was diagnosed with advanced emphysema, heart damage, and high blood pressure.
From the Editors

Let Love defang hate

Understanding that God’s love extends to all people, even those whose actions one may despise, lifts thought to prayer and compassion. 

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