Dance club angels

One night last spring, I returned to my college dorm room after watching a spectacular lightning display with some friends. I was about to go dancing at a club for the first time, and I had an hour to get ready. As I pondered what to do with the extra time I had on my hands, my eyes fell on the Christian Science Bible Lesson that was sitting on my desk. I hadn’t read much of the Lesson that week, so I decided it would be a good idea to study it for a while. I was feeling a little bit anxious about going clubbing in a big city late at night, so I thought maybe I would find some helpful ideas to calm my thoughts.

First I asked myself, What is my motive for doing this? There were a few obvious reasons, as well as some higher motives. I wanted to try something new and exciting, and I was looking forward to a fun night with a group of friends. I also wanted to rely on God for my safety, well-being, and joy, and I wanted to be a blessing in an environment that might not seem very “spiritual.” I expected to see drinking and smoking, and some people who would appear to rely on these things for happiness. But I knew I needed to contradict this negative expectation and replace it with what I knew to be true in Christian Science about each of us, that we are each children of God. And I had to make this mental change now, so that my thought would be on the right track before I even stepped on the dance floor.

Divine energy at exam time
October 10, 2011

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