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This is to thank you all for the incredible Sentinel of September 19, 2011 [“How does prayer work?

A blessing for all

Pregnancy and childbirth—our topic for this week’s Sentinel—are an established, inescapable part of the human experience.
Items of Interest
Following the successful collaboration earlier this year on In the Beginning, Westminster Abbey will reunite with the Bush Theatre for a 12-hour overnight performance of Sixty-Six Books on 21 October.
Items of Interest
On Sunday morning, September 11, Boston marked the tenth anniversary of the “9/11” attacks with an interfaith, multi-congregation service in Copley Square, arranged by the senior clergy and musicians of the Back Bay churches.
Understanding metaphysical concepts related to pregnancy and childbirth is an important exercise for any spiritual thinker. 

A dad-to-be takes his cue from Joseph

In preparing for the birth of his children, a dad finds a helpful role model in Joseph's care for Jesus and Mary. 

Praying for my grandson

A mother prays when her pregnant daughter gets some troubling news from a doctor.

Willing to change course?

The reluctance of the human mind to yield to a complete change of direction is typical. But yield it must. 

Living God’s mercy

A while back, I decided to do a study of the concept of mercy.
Furious over an injustice, this author prays to let go of anger and trust God. 

Dance club angels

A night out in the city with college friends becomes an opportunity to recognize God's presence. 

Divine energy at exam time

School exams don't have to add up to sleepless nights!
A few months ago I woke up in the morning, washed myself, and went to school as usual.
Church Alive

Embody Church—all day, every day

Opportunities began opening up almost every day for me to share something about Church and Christian Science with new people.
Awakened by the dawn of hope,expectationreceives the babeof Christian healing.
You Can Be a Healer

A sense of belonging that is ‘gold’

My days were filled with fresh inspiration—my daily bread.
Sentinel Watch
Just as Jesus’ prayers multiplied the apparently available resources on hand in his day, ours can do the same today in the Horn of Africa.
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson

Our unity with God

Since God is unchanging Love, the Christ always brings us in line with God.
Testimony of Healing
Several years ago, I experienced God’s protection in a most unforgettable way.
Testimony of Healing

Infection and injury healed

More than one year ago, at the beginning of a week, I found myself lying on my couch, a pair of crutches by my side and a prescription in my hand for all kinds of medications.
Testimony of Healing

Shoulder injury healed

Last winter I drove with some friends to a mountain in Vermont for a weekend ski trip.
From the Editors

Progress in process

Progress is integral to Life. A dynamic expression of God at work.

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