First day at a new school, etc

I had tons of homework and four tests the next day. I studied and studied until I had memorized every little thing. But still I was nervous and thought I was going to get horrible grades. I rolled in my bed that night, trying to go to sleep, but nightmares about the tests kept waking me up.

My dad came in and sang me a few hymns. This calmed me down, and I got some sleep. Still, in the morning I was worrying about the tests. I asked my dad for help, and he told me to get my Science and Health. He opened to the first page. The first sentence said, "To those leaning on the sustaining infinite, to-day is big with blessings." This was the key to solving my problem. It meant that if I relied on God, all would be well. He would comfort me and lead me down the right path.

Secret of the fiddlehead fern
September 16, 2002

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