How your Jewish friends might celebrate Passover

WHEN JESUS WAS JUST 12 YEARS OLD , he went at Passover time to Jerusalem with his mother and father, Mary and Joseph. This was something they did every spring (see Luke 2:40—49).

Jewish families still celebrate Passover today. They spend this holiday remembering how their Hebrew ancestors, known as the children of Israel, escaped from slavery in Egypt thousands of years ago. The Hebrews had to make bricks from straw for the Pharaoh (another name for king) who ruled the country, and that was hot, hard work. More than anything, the Hebrews wanted to be free. And a man named Moses was chosen by God to lead them out of slavery. Moses was really a hero for being brave enough to demand that Pharaoh let the Hebrew people go.

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March 18, 2002

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