Dear Sentinel

When I was sweeping off the deck of our house, a bee landed on me and stung me. Mommy came and held me close. She firmly told me I was all right. We repeated out loud "the scientific statement of being" (see Science and Health, p. 468). I became calm and listened. Then she said I had never had an accident, because God is here and everywhere, now and always. One idea of God cannot harm another idea of God. The pain started to leave. We also said together the Lord's Prayer, with its spiritual interpretation (see pp. 16-17 in the same book), and the sixth tenet of Christian Science (on p. 497).

Mommy never stopped holding me close. The pain was now gone. Later Mommy and I talked again of the real truth of my being. This reminded me of how a couple of my friends were stung earlier in the summer, and one of them even had to go see a doctor. Mommy and I talked about protecting our thinking against false thoughts. We could also include our family, friends, and even the whole world in our good thoughts. This type of good thinking helps and heals everyone, everywhere, no matter what.

Testimony of Healing
Prayer heals wounds
July 6, 1998

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