You can pray about anything

There's no problem too big or too small for God.

I'm here to tell you that you can pray to God about anything, big or small. God's love is infinite, and His interest in the welfare of His children extends to every aspect of our lives. As a child, I used to "talk with God." God was always there for me, comforting and guiding. Since then, many solutions have come as a result of praying to God for help. Amazing things have resulted even from a short, simple prayer. Here's just one example.

My mom called me at work one day to tell me that her refrigerator had stopped working. I was her sole support at that time, so I asked her not to call the repairman because I knew I could not afford the cost. After we hung up, I prayed, "O God, I can't afford to buy a new refrigerator, and I don't have the money for repairs. Since I don't see the answer, please tell me what to do. Thank You." Then I went back to work.

The man at the next desk asked what was wrong, so I told him about the problem. He said, "Too bad—it sounds like the compressor." We continued to work at our desks. A little while later another man came in and said, "You don't know anyone here at work that needs a refrigerator, do you? I have one that I don't need anymore, and it runs perfectly." Stunned, I almost cried as I said yes, I did indeed know someone who could use it! This man gave me his refrigerator. We used that little Crosley Shelvador for over a year, and it kept things much colder than our previous unit.

Don't get fooled by the drama
June 8, 1998

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