"Father, forgive them"

As the news reached my ears, I thought, "This seems so
unkind, so unloving—
they've unthinkingly imposed their own will upon my
loved one."

I turned from the phone and began to pray. "Father, forgive
them; for they know not
what they do"Luke 23:34. —like those who ignorantly treated your
beloved Son.

I paused, prayed, and asked for a practical way I could forgive
as our dear Master forgave those who crucified him.

Then, an angel message, assuring me of God's presence, saved
the day—
and it came just like this, in a flash,
showing me a higher way!

"Forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors."Matt. 6:12.

Forgive me for believing there is a "them" out there—that there
could possibly be someone or
some thing outside Your loving control, Your all-encompassing
tender mercy!

Forgive me for momentarily forgetting that You are All
and govern all!

With that angel thought, all fear—disguised as personal
concern—vanished completely,
and in its place ...

just the sweet awareness, once again, of seeing Your
hand at hand, of seeing Your face.

I found the peace of releasing human will and of yielding totally
to Your perfect plan,

which reveals only Your dear, safe, wholly blessed man!

Sharon S. Currin Mahaffie

You can pray about anything
June 8, 1998

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