Dear Sentinel,

Last year when I was sixteen, the common age of stereotypical "teenage confusion," I was, like most other people my age, confused. I wondered a lot about the world—why we are here, who I am as an individual, what my purpose is, and what the whole purpose of life in general is. Sometimes life didn't seem worth living, and at other times I felt so happy and alive that I wondered if it was real.

This past year I have been searching for answers. I've spent a lot of time studying Christian Science. I finally started to love to go to Sunday School. My teacher always inspires me to go out and love others and to see the wonderful effect our love can have on their lives. By realizing that God is Life and that I am whole and complete in God, I no longer feel lost—I feel as though I have a place in this world. I know that I have the purpose of spreading good. I'm confident because I know that God gives me everything I need to be happy and to be prepared for any situation. I am no longer scared about what is around each corner. In fact, I am incredibly excited.

June 8, 1998

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